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Landscape Design Services

We specialize in designing & building patios & outdoor living spaces.

Patios, Outdoor Living Spaces, & Hardscapes

Darren builds stone stairways, block edging, and paver patios and pathways. He also is experienced in building hardscapes to deal with changes of elevation, such as retaining walls and stairs. Raised garden beds are another helpful use of hardscapes.

Landscape Installation


Darren will help you design a professional landscape from scratch, installing edgings and sod, choosing and planting trees and plants. His eye for beautiful curves and lines will enhance your property and bring a sense of flow and function to your landscaping beds and grass. Functional aspects of design will be addressed as well, making mowing easier. And should you choose to include irrigation, Darren will ensure that your new landscape is watered efficiently.

Landscape Renovation


Darren can freshen up your existing landscape at minimal cost, while providing great impact. The video below shows some Palms Tree Service & Landscaping renovation projects.

Drainage Issues 

We can help you solve drainage issues where water is collecting or causing problems with your house. We also install swales to capture stormwater runoff beside roads.

Irrigation Installation


Automatic sprinkler systems and drip lines can save homeowners both time and money. We highly recommend you install your irrigation system at the time you are installing a new landscape to prevent the need of tearing up your lawn and beds after they have become established.

Tree Selection & Planting


As a certified arborist, Darren knows how important it is to select the right tree or shrub for the right site. Knowing how big trees and shrubs will be at maturity and their growth form is the key to plant and tree selection. Water needs, hardiness and vulnerability to pests are also important considerations.


For example, we all love thundercloud flowering plums, but they struggle in harder winters. And who doesn’t like birch trees? But “bronze birch borers” also love them and will kill them if left untreated. Solution? Either plant River Birch instead because it is not susceptible to the borers. Or simply treat your birch trees each fall with a systemic soil drench that is inexpensive, lasts all year, and does no harm to beneficial insects or the environment.

Shrub Pruning 

Pruning a shrub does not equal shearing a shrub. Proper pruning of shrubs will allow light into the center of the bush, so if at some point you need to reduce the size, the bush will still have leaves when you take the outer branches away. For many shrub varieties, shearing does not allow for shrub size reduction without resulting in unsightly holes where foliage no longer grows. Proper and regular pruning of shrubs will also help prevent the need to reduce a shrub’s size.

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